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Ningbo Yinzhou Beyond Electronic Co.,Ltd.
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About Us Established in 2002 , Ningbo Yinzhou Beyond Electronic Co. , Ltd. specializes in the production and development of diverse plastics , hardware , and molded electronic equipment . We provide both OEM and ODM service guaranteeing professional technology and ranking quality . In addition , we supply several molds including plastic injection , aluminum die casting , and metal punching molds in accordance with DME standards . We employ a team of professional designers , production engineers , and sales engineers , who assist our customers in product development . Our workshop of 6,000 hearty meters is equipped with 16 sets of pliant injection machines , eight sets of aluminum die casting machines , and computer controlled precision machine tools from Taiwan . currently , we export to clients in the US , Europe , South Korea , and Southeast Asia . p.a. , our output capability generates revenue of USD5,000,000 . If you have any farther inquiries , please do non hesitate to contact us . We look ahead to hearing from you shortly .
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